Salmon update - good year so far

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Salmon update - good year so far

Postby Flyzlo on September 14th, 2017, 7:59 am

Fished Pulaski Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday 9/13. Bright sun, very warm. The reported big push of Kings and coho's in the lower stretch must have blown through as fishing through the Douglaston (at the risk of "spot burning") was nothing more than spotty Tuesday afternoon. I walked Douglaston top to bottom and saw a few fish and fewer bent rods. Fish were scattered and available, I guess the high sun didn't help. A small pod of coho's did come in later in the afternoon, I spoke to one guy who said he got into them pretty good but I personally didn't see them. Wednesday AM was very slow down low until around 9:00 then a good mix of Kings and coho's started through pretty consistently. It wasn't a slaughter, but we had pretty steady action through noon time when I had to leave. Cohos seemed even more aggressive than usual, I had one chase an egg pattern almost out of the water. It came from the bottom straight up like a brown on a mayfly - until I cleanly yanked it out of it's mouth. Duh. Estaz eggs, buggers, comets and the usual flies were all working with pink or fuscia doing best on the coho's. Didn't have time to go above Douglaston, should be a gang of fish in the fly stretches(?)
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