Welcome to the NEW Garden State Trout!

All about trout fishing in the great Garden State!
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Welcome to the NEW Garden State Trout!

Post by Twism86 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:10 pm

Welcome everyone!

What's old is new again and GST is back! After months of complications and life getting in the way I have finally re-booted GST. Thank you for coming back and I'm sure some great topics will be started in no time! The board looks similar but the software is on the latest version with many improved features behind the scenes. While the old board had backups the user data was corrupted in the crash, meaning even if I could preserve the posts they are useless without users to attach them too. Long story short the board is up on the most up to date software on a new, up to date, server!

There are some new features such as more notifications for posts and subscribing to forums and topics. These notifications can be emails or only through GST. Please visit your User Control Panel (drop down menu when you click your username in the upper right hand corner) to see these settings!

Please register again and enjoy the site! My sincere apologies for having to start from scratch but I know that won't deter this crowd! Reach out with any questions!

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