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Oasis in heart of DC-with SMB!

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 10:57 am
by martalus
So as many can many can tell from my recent posts, I pretty bullish on the DC area fishing opportunities and have been getting out 4 days a week for a combo of wild brookies, catfish, smallies, LMB, smallies, white perch, Blue gills, crappie, shad, and walleye, all much bigger than and in higher numbers than I am used to. All but the brookies have been caught within DC limits. Most of them caught in the mighty Potomac and the connected tidal basin. Yesterday I took my daughter to Rock Creek/rock creek park which runs north to south right through the center of DC. I often run through the park on trails along the river and noticed a stretch that is very remincent of the KLG with boulders, pocket water, riffles, and long glide pools. To me it looks like perfect trout or smallies water, given DCs warmer temps. So yesterday i drove five minutes from my house and hiked along the KLG like section with my kid and sure enough we found some decent smallies from 10-15 inches as well as some feisty bluegills. Not bad considering it’s a small stream 20-30 feet wide.