Gear Swap Rules

Fishing gear for trade, sale or what you are in search of
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Gear Swap Rules

Post by GST Admin » Thu May 14, 2020 10:59 am

Hi Everyone!

After a few requests I have decided to create a forum for everyone to trade, sell or look for fishing related gear. Other outdoor gear and sporting equipment is also allowed. If you would like to post non-related items (i.e. a laptop) please feel free to do so but the post may be removed at the discretion of the moderators, this is not craigslist.

Please see the following rules that all posts must adhere too:

- All threads must start with the following acronyms:
  • FT: (for trade) - You are looking to trade an item for another and are not looking to sell it for money. You must post what you looking to trade for.
  • FS: (for sale) - You are looking to sell an item. You must post a price! You can include OBO (or best offer) but bidding is not allowed! (See below)
  • ISO: (in search of) - You are looking to purchase or trade for an item. You must provide a description of what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay.
  • FREE: Self explanatory. Must be offered on first come basis. First person to claim it and be available to pick it up gets it. No holding for friends.
  • Examples: "FS: Orvis 9' 4wt $150" "FT: Ross Fly Reel" "ISO: Size Medium Waders" "FREE: Spinning Rod"
- No Bidding! If an item is posted with OBO (or best offer) you must PM the user who posted that item with your offer. Do not post offers in the comments. If multiple user start posting offer to create a "bidding war" the thread will be permanently removed and forum access may be revoked. This is not eBay.

- Pictures are encouraged and will help your trade or sale.

- Once your item had been sold or a trade completed please post that the item is sold or no longer available. A moderator will then lock the thread.

- (GST) and its staff assume no responsibility or liability for the items sold/traded or the personal and financial interactions associated with any posts in this forum. Please use your own discretion with your sales and purchases in regard to your own personal and financial safety. Use secure methods for payment and if meeting an individual choose a public and safe space.

Enjoy the forum!